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Here are my current projects / work on open-source projects.

Gameassistant Community Pack

Gameassistant is a tool which makes making tweaks to configuration files easy. My community pack adds support for more games.

Gameassistant on Steam
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Latest Articles

How to fix screen tearing in Train Simulator

If you experience Screen Tearing while playing Train Simulator, here is how you fix it. Note: This only works on systems with Nvidia GPU’s. Step 1: Open Nvidia Control Panel.[…]

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15 September 2021 0

How to fix Red Dead Redemption 2 DLSS ghosting and artifacting

RockstarGames recently introduced DLSS to Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC, while it in most cases drastically improves FPS, it introduces heavy ghosting and artifacting, even on quality mode. Red[…]

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15 July 2021 0

How to remove the Paradox Launcher from Surviving the Aftermath

Introduction This is a quick guide on how to bypass the Paradox Launcher. Tested on Windows 10, but it will probably also work on Windows 8 and 7. Removing the[…]

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1 January 2021 0